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Xbox One is now £20 Less Than PS4 in UK

By Leon Hurley on at

Things just got interesting. Head over to Microsoft's site and you'll see the RRP for an Kinect-less Xbox One is now £329.99, a full £20 less than the PS4's current £349.99. Chances are retail deals could be even better.

Destiny: The Kotaku Review

By Kirk Hamilton on at

I'm standing in front of a cave, shooting a stream of unremarkable, identical aliens. Each with a small chance to drop an item. I do this for an hour - then another - hoping to get a good enough item so I can finally feel okay about walking away. That moment never seems to come. That's Destiny.

Assassin's Creed is Going To China

By Leon Hurley on at

Good news: you'll play a 16th century woman assassin called Shao Jun. Bad news it's a 2.5D side on spin off thing. Still it's a start. The new game is called Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China and it's part of Unity's season pass.