Kotaku UK does videos too, you know. So do lots of other people on the Internet. Here’s the best of it.

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By Jason Schreier on at

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Kotaku US

Some of you might have migrated to Kotaku UK from our predecessor Kotaku US, and may have wondered how the American website runs. Others amongst you may not have even been to Kotaku US, but are curious to find out more. Check out the Pax East 2014 panel that looks at what makes Kotaku US so well-loved.

Watch Half an Hour of Wolfenstein The New Order

By Leon Hurley on at

Having played Wolfenstein: The New Order it's definitely got something of an old school shooter feel about it. Mainly thanks to the loud guns and cavalier attitude to sensible plotting that captures some of the original's silliness. Here's Bethesda streaming the opening half hour.