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My, What Big Doors You Have

Raphael Lübke is lead concept artist at Nordic Games, the guys who now own the rights to everything from Darksiders to Red Faction. Prior to that, Raphael has worked at Ubisoft, Wizards of the Coast and Atomhawk. Some of the games he's worked on include Injustice, Dead Island: Riptide and Project Spark.

Just Dance is Now an eSport. Wut?

By Leon Hurley on at

I'm not sure Ubi has seen most people play (jazz hands! Drinking!) but that hasn't stopped it adding Just Dance as an event in the Electronic Sports World Cup. That's right: competitive pretend dancing.

Valiant Hearts: The Kotaku Review

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An epic tale set against a (mostly) realistic take on the First World War, Valiant Hearts tells the story of a number of very nice people caught up in the events of one of humanity's most pointless and bloody struggles.