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Meet Murdered's Bell Killer

By Leon Hurley on at

A new Murdered: Soul Suspects trailer focuses on the villain, The Bell Killer. He's the hoodie wearing murderer behind the hero's death and on a killing spree you're trying to stop from beyond the grave.

"The Original Minecraft Has Sold 15 Million Copies!"

By András Neltz on at

"The original Minecraft has sold 15 million copies!" Minecraft creator Notch tweets a celebratory thumbs up in reaction to his game hitting yet another sales milestone on PC. So far, only Minecraft: Pocket Edition has managed to outsell the original PC version with its 21 million copies.


Final Fantasy XIV's Coolest Feature Fits in Your Hands

By Kirk Hamilton on at

When I first fired up FFXIV on the PS4, I had my doubts about how it would all work. Could an MMO, with all its various menus, combat styles, dialogue boxes, chat windows, hotbars, and other MMO accoutrements, really work on a controller? And for the first hour or so, I'd have answered that with a firm "No."