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46 Reasons Why You Keep Losing in StarCraft II

By Kotaku on at

Finding excuses when we lose online is something we all sometimes do. It can be frustrating, after all. Tutorial Central collected a fair amount of StarCraft II-related ones, but most of them would apply to any competitive game. Video within.

A Game That's Supposed to be Broken

By Luke Plunkett on at

Glitchspace is a programming game, where you're presented with coding challenges that you have to overcome to progress. You're strolling through a virtual space that's glitching out, with things like locked doors, platforms and transparent walkways barring your way. No 'real' coding experience is required.


The Most Expensive Towel in the Galaxy

By Leon Hurley on at

In the expanding cash madness that is Star Citizen's crowd funding, the space sim's hit $42 million, for which you get a towel - a reference to the Hitchhiker's Guide and potentially the most expensive linen ever.