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Upcoming Adventure Mosaic Gets a Dark New Trailer

By Kim Snaith on at

Mosaic, coming next year, is a dark adventure set in a world obsessed with smartphones and advertising. Not unlike our actual world, funnily enough. The PC Gaming Show gifted us a brief trailer, but it's enough to pique our interests. Click "read more" to watch.

Arkane Studios Unveils Next Game, Deathloop

By Kim Snaith on at

From Arkane Studios, Deathloop is an ass-kicking action-adventure featuring two different protagonists: Colt and Juliana. Featuring "Arkane's signature gameplay", both characters offer wildly different playstyles, allowing you to tackle situations however you like. There's no release date, but the trailer's pretty funky. Press "read more" to give it a watch.

Here's an Impressive Bit of The Elder Scrolls Online CGI

By Kim Snaith on at

If you like The Elder Scrolls Online, this impressive cinematic trailer ought to whet your appetite. Starring dragons, anthropomorphic horse-riding panthers, sword-wielding skeletons and a hell of a lot of fire and special effects, it's a cliffhanger trailer of Elsweyr to lead into the game's next DLC, Dragonhold. It's coming later this year. Click "read more" to give it a watch.