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Just, No. Flappy 48 is a Fresh Hell

By Leon Hurley on at

Even the soothing beige tones of this Flappy Bird meets 2048 mash up aren't enough to stop me pounding the space bar in seconds. The twisted mechanic of dragging unmatched numbers behind you like a tail waiting to get caught in a door is torturous. Four is my highest score, then I rage quit and wrote this. Done.

Real Life Assassin's Creed Climbing With Added 'Wha...?'

By Leon Hurley on at

This isn't some freerunning bs with a guy jumping between a few walls. This is a man climbing up the side of a building using exactly the same skills you'd find in Assassin's Creed. I half expected him to synchronize at the end. The only difference? An incredible inverted move half way up.

Watch Half an Hour of Wolfenstein The New Order

By Leon Hurley on at

Having played Wolfenstein: The New Order it's definitely got something of an old school shooter feel about it. Mainly thanks to the loud guns and cavalier attitude to sensible plotting that captures some of the original's silliness. Here's Bethesda streaming the opening half hour.