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By Leon Hurley on at

The Best VR Hands So Far

As a game Loading Human is infuriatingly vague, mentioning Eternal Sunshine, Quantum Leap and Monkey Island - something, something, universe, something, energy source. Anyhoo, the new Stem controller looks *great*.

God Makes Crappy Video Games

By Leon Hurley on at

Over at Cracked there's a bizarre look at the world of religious gaming which covers everything from a text adventure to a Farmville clone and Final Fantasy styled RPG, although the winner has to be Jesus In Space. Christ indeed.

Confirmed for Halo 5: Space Deserts

By Leon Hurley on at

Here's your first look at the newly announced Halo 5. It's not much but at least we know the series will include dusty alien deserts and rocky canyons because God knows there just aren't enough of those in video gaming.


If Nidhogg Was Just Jumping and Everyone Got On

By Leon Hurley on at

Let's pretend we both won Nidhogg and get to run towards our glorious death in unison. That's the vibe I'm getting from Narcissus, a two-player co-op endless runner - player one jumps with the up button, player two the down, and then you tap and swear until you're not friends anymore.