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Pirate DOOM is ARRRRRRRRR-right

By Leon Hurley on at

Not only does this Doom 2 mod put eye patches and pirate hats on everything and replace guns with things like flintlocks and cannons, but it's actual piracy - using sprites, music and textures from games like Monkey Island, Rayman and Heretic.

Soap Fighter 2 Super Cat Fight Pub Edition

By Leon Hurley on at

If you only watch one beat 'em up video where famous soap stars fight each other it should probably be this one. It's a collaboration between YouTuber Mashed and Jim'll Paint it, and it's excellent. Watching Peggy's GETOUTAMAPUB Hadoken is worth it alone.

Here's What July's Xbox Update is Bringing

By Leon Hurley on at

Microsoft's released a shortlist of new features for July's Xbox One update. Come next month you'll be able to snap and re-order achievements, as well as access the snap centre with a double tap. There's also a new ability to 'like' game clips. Here are the details and a quick demo vid.