The indie development scene is perhaps richer and more interesting now than ever before across consoles, mobile and PC. These are the best, most interesting games and stories from that world.

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Shaq-Fu 2 is Happening

By Luke Plunkett on at

The original Shaq-Fu was a game that even Electronic Arts admits was an "abomination". This game's crowdfunding campaign was, let's be honest, a little weird. But whatever! A second Shaq-Fu game looks like it's actually happening.

Forget Those Big Space Games for a Moment

By Luke Plunkett on at

While big projects like Star Citizen an Elite: Dangerous are getting all the money (and press attention), they aren't the only space games you should be keeping an eye on. There's also Enemy Starfighter, which for months has been looking very, very cool.

This is Codemancer, AKA Programming 101: The Game.

By András Neltz on at

This is Codemancer, AKA Programming 101: The Game. Basically, it's a turn-based fantasy game designed to teach how programming works to kids or, well, pretty much anyone, with a combat system based on writing simple programs. It's on Kickstarter, but it's already funded, so expect to see it on PC in July next year. Video within.