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By Leon Hurley on at

No Hitman at E3, So Here's A Picture

There won't be new Hitman at E3 this year say IO, so 'boo' to that. As some sort of apology its posted some concept art. That building is apparently "larger than any location in Hitman Absolution" and you can explore it all. Okay, now I'm interested.

Fan Animation Turns Link Pikmin-Sized

By Gergo Vas on at

Some just can't wait till a new, HD Zelda arrives and start working on their own fan-projects. This superb gif is from animator PencilTest 's upcoming fan-movie, which—if it'll have the same overall quality as this teaser—will be quite ambitious.

Artist Gives Video Game Characters a Cartoony Facelift

By Gergo Vas on at

Browsing German artist HeavyMetalHanzo's gallery and realising how much potential some video games and video game worlds have as Western cartoons or comics makes me sad. Most of these will probably never get such a treatment, and these amazing pieces remain the closest things.

Is this Wolf Among Us Cosplay Cheating?

By Leon Hurley on at

This Wolf Among Us Cosplay is undoubtedly good, but how much are you allowed to add in post production before it's cheating? In my view if you can't go out in real life and show it off that's too far. This just about scrapes through that check.

The Best Cosplay from MCM Expo London

By Leon Hurley on at

Man, there was some classy and creative cosplay at this weekend's MCM Expo. And Samus. There's always Samus. Here are some of the best pictures from the event courtesy of Conventional Characters and our own Keza.