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By Luke Plunkett on at

Worlds Collide: Pokemon vs Final Fantasy, Dragon Age vs Mass Effect

Artist Andrew Ryan, who it's safe to say is a fairly huge BioWare fan, has a portfolio full of amazing images. Images that are a crossover fanfic writer's dream. While many are related to BioWare's big universes in some manner, like crossing characters between Mass Effect and Dragon Age, there are some outliers, like a series combining Final Fantasy and Pokemon into something that may shift a unit or two.

You Don't Want to Mess With Alien Mewtwo

By András Neltz on at

In case you don't know, Pokémon fusion, or Pokémon splicing, is when you take two Pokémon and smush them together to create a new one. You can do it yourself on a website, but the fusions you get that way may or may not look cool. These fusions, on the other hand, drawn the way they are, definitely look cool.