The Crew Is Out This Autumn

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Ubisoft's big open-world racing game - announced at E3 last year - will be out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this fall, the company said today. Set in the relatively mean streets of North America, The Crew requires an internet connection to play. New gameplay footage within. Read more...

The Making of a Very Different Kind of War Video Game

By Stephen Totilo on at

"The pattern is always the same," video game designer Pawel Miechowski told me recently. "People struggle for food, soap and medicine. They trade liquor or any alcohol for bullets or any weapons. That's what happened in Sarajevo." That's what happens in cities wracked by war. That's what will happen in Pawel Miechowski's most unusual war video game.

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Chances are you'll never play Korean MMO Black Desert, but you can still marvel at the crazy detail of its character creation system.

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LEGO genius Baron von Brunk has been building an ongoing series of gaming related Transformers. Here's his latest: a Game Boy Advance.

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Turns out you can do adorable things with a strip of paper and a hedgehog, as proved by the twitter account of Hedgehogdays.