And It's Good Night From Google+

By Leon Hurley on at

TechCruch are reporting it's all over for Google+ after senior VP of engineering and head of the service Vic Gundotra's departure. Multiple sources have confirmed resources and people are being moved away and mandatory integration has largely been dropped.


One Very Good Reason to Play Co-Op on Your PC

By Luke Plunkett on at

Well, this is a pleasant surprise. Mashed, an arcade racer released on Xbox and PS2 (and in some places PC) a decade ago, just hit Steam. This, along with Broforce, are two very good reasons to start using your PC for local co-operative gaming.

One More Reason to be Excited for the PC Game Prodigy

By Yannick LeJacq on at

With gameplay that acts as a hybrid of both Skylanders and Magic the Gathering, gamers everywhere will no doubt be excited for Prodigy. To convince those of you who haven't started convulsing into fits of excitement just yet, the game's developers Hanakai have shared some details on their newest character

By Tina Amini on at

Here's the topdown view of one of the maps that's coming soon to Titanfall as part of the Expedition DLC map pack