Stardew Valley Collector's Edition for PC and Switch Launches in November

By Alistair Jones on at

Given Stardew Valley's success, it's no surprise that a physical collector's edition - an impressive marker for any indie game - would eventually show up. Last night, developer Eric Barone confirmed that two new editions would be available for PC and Switch later this year. Physical versions for Xbox One and PS4 are already available.

Produced in collaboration with Fangamer, the Standard Edition comes with a physical game case and an 18-page instruction manual. If you splash out on the Collector's Edition, you'll also get a collector's box, a wooden standee featuring your farm's animal pals, a vegetable-themed lapel pin and a 14-page comic.

The crowning glory of the collector's edition, however, is the deed to the farm that kicks off your Stardew Valley dreams. With certain details helpfully left blank in a way that ensures you can fill in your own character and farm names, the contract comes with gold foil detailing and is made from 30 per cent recycled straw.

The physical copies are available for pre-order now, and are expected to ship on November 6th.