Valorant's Next Agent is a German Robotics Expert

By Alistair Jones on at

Riot's not wasting much time when it comes to increasing Valorant's roster. Reyna joined the party with the game's release, and now, after barely two months, the developer has unveiled Agent number 12, German robotics expert Killjoy.

The new arrival is a defensively-minded Sentinel, with a kit all about locking down whole swathes of the map. Her tiny Alarmbot can hide in a corner to jump out hit enemies it tags with a 'vulnerable' debuff, while her impressively characterful turret can hold an angle with a 180-degree vision arc. Killjoy also gets a Nanoswarm grenade that unleashes a horde of tiny robots wherever it lands. Finally, her ultimate - relevantly named Lockdown - detains enemies caught in its significant area of effect, although the device that generates it can be destroyed.

Killjoy looks pretty fun to play, if very irritating to play against: I'm certainly not relishing the idea of coming up against a turret and then being popped in the head from the other direction. The new Agent will arrive on August 4th, as part of Valorant's second narrative act.