Roblox is Having a Very Good Pandemic

By Alistair Jones on at

Roblox is huge. Bigger than Fortnite, bigger than Minecraft, and apparently only getting bigger. Last week, at the game's annual developer conference, developer Roblox Corporation announced that it now has over 150 million monthly active users (via Techcrunch).

That's up 35 million since February, when the game had 115 million MUAs, and before the coronavirus pandemic forced millions into lockdown and a lot of kids out of school.  The side effect of all those extra players is more money for the game's creators. Players create the series of minigames that make up Roblox, with the most successful earning a decent paycheck for their efforts. In 2019, those creators made $110 million (£85 million), but by this year that figure had more than doubled, to $250 million (£193 million).

The pandemic isn't the only thing that has helped drive that growth - more games, new dev tools, and international expansions have all driven new players to the platform, with more features on their way. Automatic translation for even more languages, as well as Developer Events to help bolster in-game communities are likely to bring in even more new arrivals.