Gabe Newell: The Xbox Series X is Better than the PS5, "Because it is"

By Alistair Jones on at

Some of you might have a difficult console-purchasing decision to make at the end of this year as you try to decide between the Xbox Series X and the PS5, but Gabe Newell certainly doesn't. That's partly thanks to the fact that the Valve co-founder's net worth is somewhere in the billions, but it's also because he's dead-set on Microsoft's offering.

Appearing on New Zealand TV during his self-imposed luxury lockdown in the country, Newell was asked which console was better. Without missing a beat, Gabe confirmed his affinity for the Xbox. He pointed out that he doesn't have "a stake in that race" due to Valve's history in developing for PC, but confirmed that "of the two, I would definitely go with an Xbox."

Newell doesn't really explain his reasoning there - apparently, the Xbox is better "because it is" - but I'd imagine that it comes down to the power of the console, something Microsoft has managed to wield over Sony thus far. Either that, or he's a massive Halo fanboy at heart. I guess we'll never know...