Take-Two Comes Down Hard on GTA: San Andreas Fan Trailer

By Alistair Jones on at

Earlier this month, a trailer for a fan-made 'remake' of GTA: San Andreas popped up, created by ArcadiaSquad, a trio of Argentinian friends looking to reimagine the 2004 classic in the Unreal Engine. While the team announced that they had no plans to make the version playable, that didn't stop publisher Take-Two from getting its legal team involved.

The original trailer has now been taken down due to a copyright claim from the publisher. Links to the team's Patreon and Facebook pages, once prominent on the channel, are now gone, with the pages themselves either "under review" or gone entirely. This being the internet, the video isn't gone for good, but if you want to check it out, you'll need to do so at the 2.33 mark below (via Eurogamer).

As well-meaning as the project appears - an attempt to reimagine older games with "an unprecedented quality perspective" - it's no great surprise that it's fallen foul of Take-Two's lawyers. The publisher is well-known for its swift approach to defending its intellectual property, having previously acted to shut down fan projects relating to Red Dead RedemptionBorderlands 3, and GTA5. Sad as it is, this is just another reminder that if you want to make something, it might just be easier to start from scratch.