Mike Laidlaw's Ubisoft Project Was a Cancelled Arthurian Adventure

By Alistair Jones on at

Ubisoft was working on a game inspired by Arthurian myth developed by Dragon Age designer Mike Laidlaw, but the project was nixed by now-departed chief creative officer Serge Hascoët. According to a report by Bloombergthe fantasy title, codenamed Avalon, would have had similarities to Capcom's Monster Hunter series.

Laidlaw's arrival at Ubisoft in late 2018 was thought to be a significant coup, but his departure around a year later came without the release of a single game, raising questions within the community. Bloomberg sources suggest that the project had been going well, but Hascoët is said to have previously blocked several other fantasy settings, suggesting that they'd have to be "better than Tolkein" to get made. Laidlaw is said to have attempted to switch Avalon's setting from Arthurian Britain to ancient Greece and even something more contemporary, but alternatives were all shut down by Hascoët, and the game was eventually cancelled. Laidlaw left Ubisoft in January 2020.

It's unclear what, if anything, became of Avalon, although it's worth noting that Gods & Monsters, Ubisoft's take on Greek mythology, was announced at last year's E3. Hascoët's departure in the midst of a sexual harassment scandal that has rocked Ubisoft in particular, could be a catalyst for more fantasy-driven titles in future, but that's unlikely to resurrect Avalon, or to bring Laidlaw back to the studio.

Image credit: The Death of King Arthur, John Garrick (Public domain)