Gabe Newell Has Been Stuck in New Zealand for Months

By Alistair Jones on at

Around the time Half-Life: Alyx launched back in March, Gabe Newell and friends decided to take a ten-day holiday in New Zealand. While they were there, the coronavirus pandemic caused a number of countries to restrict movement both internally and externally, and the Valve CEO has now been stuck in the country for five months.

Appearing on TVNZ alongside friends Alex Riberas and Teagan Klein, Newell said that the most difficult part of his extended stay "is being worried about friends and family who aren't in New Zealand." The country currently has 1,555 confirmed cases and just 22 deaths from the virus, while Newell's hometown of Seattle has more than 50,000 confirmed cases.

It's not all tiny violins, of course - Newell and friends did make the decision to stay in New Zealand after they were given 48 hours' notice on the border closure. Now, to give back to the community that they say has been so welcoming, the three have announced a free concert in Auckland next month.