Hey Let's Watch Henry Cavill Building a Gaming PC

By Luke Plunkett on at

The Witcher isn’t back filming yet, so noted heartthrob/PC gaming nerd Henry Cavill has some time on his hands. Enough to get to work building a new gaming PC, filming it, setting it to sexy music then letting us all watch.

Note from the blurred logos that this isn’t a sponsored video. It’s just a Henry Cavill video, turning some screws, making exactly the kind of innuendo that this soundtrack deserves.

5 minute 26 second meditation video brought to you by henry cavill's arms building a pc from scratch pic.twitter.com/mmqHYxU8gb

— MTV UK (@MTVUK) July 16, 2020

See his original post on Instagram.

I thought this was going to make me wish The Witcher was back already, but really it’s just made me watch this video like five times.