Red Dead Online Players Dress Up as Clowns to Protest Content Drought

By Alistair Jones on at

It's been a while since Red Dead Online received its last major update. Moonshiners dropped seven months ago, and some players are growing increasingly frustrated. But while some have used conventional means to try and grab Rockstar's attention, others have taken a more comical approach.

As spotted by PCGamesN, a community group appears to have started a new trend. The Discord server of the Red Dead Online and Red Dead Fashion subreddits organised an in-game fashion show last month and, after its success, decided to follow it up with another, this one focused on the theme of 'The Travelling Circus'. As one Discord moderator explains, "since we're all clowns for believing we'll get an update, it's fitting that we dress up as them in-game too."

The result is entire servers awash with clown cosplayers, with pictures of meetups posted across social media. Whether the mockery has done enough to catch Rockstar's attention remains to be seen, but this is at least a reasonably wholesome way of poking some fun at the wider community.