Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition Age Rating Appears in Brazil

By Alistair Jones on at

I'm prepared to admit that Age of Empires II might be the better game, but Age of Empires III is definitely my favourite, which is why it's nice to see that the game's revamped definitive edition might not be too far off.

The game entered a closed beta phase earlier this year, but now an listing titled Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition has shown up on Brazil's ratings board. The listing seems to have been removed, suggesting it went up in error, but not before it had been spotted and posted to Resetera.

Games don't tend to get rated until their content is almost entirely locked in, so while this isn't a total guarantee, it could mean that AoE III's definitive edition isn't too far away from release. Microsoft has remained silent on that front, however, and while it's running an Xbox event next week, that's likely to be dedicated to Xbox Series X titles, rather than PC-focused remasters, so it looks like RTS fans are to be kept guessing for a while yet.