Watch Dogs: Legion's London Sure Does Look Grim

By Alistair Jones on at

BeforeĀ Watch Dogs: Legion gots its big gameplay reveal during last night's Ubisoft Forward presentation, Ubi had something else lined up to help set the scene - a chaotic cinematic trailer telling us a little more about the game's take on the UK capital.

That take is not exactly flattering, opening on an armed robbery of an off-license in which the perpetrator appears to walk away with nothing but an armful of Mars bars. The main focus of the trailer is a high-speed pursuit between law enforcement officials and a wanted street artist, with the latter weaving down graffiti-covered streets and leaping across Tube lines. It's underwritten by an alternative take on First They Came - a well-known poem about the rise of Nazism - which focuses on the protesters and journalists vilified by the regime.

Ignoring what is the slightly on-the-nose use of that particular poem in a trailer for a videogame, the rest of the backdrop is pretty depressing, even if the tech is pretty cool. It's dark and chaotic, all lit in a manner that likely won't feel out of place inĀ Cyberpunk 2077, and doesn't quite line up with my own experiences of London.