Cory Barlog Says "Games Need to Go Up in Price"

By Alistair Jones on at

Last week, 2K announced that the next-gen version of NBA 2k21 would cost a little more than its current-gen counterpart. The $10 (£7.91) rise would push the price of the game to $69.99 (£55.37), likely ushering in an era of more expensive titles across the board. A lot of players aren't necessarily impressed with that, but God of War director Cory Barlog says he welcomes the change.

Replying to a tweet complaining about $70 games, Barlog said "games need to go up in price. I prefer an initial increase in price to the always on cash grab microtransaction filled [sic] that some games have become."

Barlog's suggestion is somewhat ironic given the game that has sparked the overall conversation - the NBA 2K series has been slammed in recent years for the centrality of its microtransactions on top of a full-priced AAA game. It's also worth noting that many of the games Barlog is best known for predate the idea of microtransactions entirely, and some of his more recent works are story-driven titles in which Barlog was responsible for narrative, not pricing. Whether or not game pricing does increase, I don't think this is a great look.