Valorant's New Weapon Skins Are Literal Dragons

By Alistair Jones on at

Valorant, like the rest of Riot Games' library, is free-to-play. Like the rest of Riot Games' library, that means it'll be making its money through the sale of in-game cosmetics. And on that front, it would appear that Riot Games is not messing around.

Yesterday, the developer unveiled Elderflame, a collection of skins for five in-game weapons (four guns and a knife). More than just a quick respray, however, Elderflame transforms your weapons into dragons. Gouts of flame cremate fallen foes, and your reptilian pals will snap up new rounds themselves, taking a lot of the work out of reloading.

The bundle won't come cheap, however. The entire collection costs 9900 Valorant Points, which is likely to set you back £89.97. That'll mean you're spending about £18 per weapon, which is not an insignificant cost for a virtual item. Admittedly, there's an impressive level of detail on show here, but I think I'll be sticking with the basic model for the time-being, thanks.