Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is Set to Release at the End of the Year

By Alistair Jones on at

After a pre-release schedule that involved multiple alpha tests and a year of early access, the extremely silly Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is finally within sight of the finish line. In a new roadmap published yesterday, Swedish developer Landfall confirmed that it's planning to ship the full game sometime between October and December.

The 1.0 release was originally scheduled for some time during Q3 (July-September), but some bugs in the game's latest update have bumped that date somewhat. As a result, there'll be two updates in the next few months, one introducing a number of "long-anticipated units," and the other introducing a unit creator. The full release will then contain the last faction and "some unannounced features."

After that, there are a few more updates, as well as PS4 and Switch ports, planned. Landfall says there's "the possibility of more post-release content," but there's no word on what that might look like or whether it'll ever actually see the light of day.