This Incredible Bloodborne Art Gets My Heart Pumping

By Rich Stanton on at

This is not the first time Kotaku UK has covered Raquel Cornejo's gorgeous artwork, but it is certainly my personal favourite. Cornejo lives in Valencia and has contributed to games like Hitman 2, Call of Duty: WWII and Metroid: Samus Returns. But her latest fan-project takes on nothing less than what science has declared* the greatest game ever made: Bloodborne.

In a series of six videos under the banner of 'Illustrated Lore' Cornejo uses the in-game voice lines of characters to tell their stories, then uses her stupendous skills to show key scenes in their journey. It's been a serious commitment, with the first video starring Lady Maria appearing in 2017.

Since then there have been videos on key Bloodborne characters like Eileen the Crow, before the final entry featuring Alfred, Hunter of Vilebloods, dropping just a few days ago.

These are wonderful things. Who knows when I'll find time to play through Bloodborne again, but in the meantime it's such a pleasure to bask in the little mini-universes of Cornejo's pictures, and see a deep love for the game given such expression. I also appreciate how detail-oriented the work is, which exactly fits Fromsoft's own house style. I often used to make a point that, in the book Dark Souls: Official Artworks, there's a series of illustrations detailing not just what a character's underwear looks like, but how said underwear is assembled from its fabric and 'holds' to the body.

Yes I am great fun at parties, not that it matters these days.

Anyway: watch, enjoy, and join me in wondering when we're going to get that PlayStation 5 release. And if you like this kind of thing, boy have we got some beauties in the vaults for you to enjoy: check out The Artists and Paintings that Bleed through Bloodborne or, for something a little more outré, see how Bloodborne Through the Deep Dream Generator Gets Pretty Cosmic. What a game.

You can see more of Cornejo's work, including plenty of other Bloodborne and Souls material, on her Artstation page.

*OK it was me.