Minecraft Now Has Its Own Cereal

By Alistair Jones on at

Given how much Minecraft merch already exists, coming up with new ideas must be pretty tricky. Which is perhaps part of the reason why we now have an official Minecraft cereal.

Creeper Crunch, unveiled yesterday, seems to be an amalgamation of several other cereals. Visually, the cereal itself looks like a Cheerio repurposed to fit the game's blocky vibes. Cinnamon flavouring leans towards the likes of Cinnamon Squares, but Creeper Crunch also does that weird thing where Americans put actual sweets in their childrens' breakfast, filling your bowl with uncomfortably green marshmallows.

That kind of sugar content is likely to explain why, for now, Creeper Crunch is exclusive to the US. Sadly for UK fans, that means that you won't be able to redeem the codes inside each box for in-game items, but might mean that you get to keep your teeth a little longer.