Microsoft Renews Fable Trademark, Says it Has "Intent to Use"

By Alistair Jones on at

Microsoft has filed to renew the Fable trademark, and says it has plans to make use of it in future. The trademark application (via IGN), filed on June 26, is the latest snippet of evidence suggesting that the series could be set to return.

The application is pretty bare bones, not revealing much beyond the name, a few dates, and the fact that this is probably a videogame. There is one particularly interesting tidbit, however - a couple of checkboxes that examine the company's use of their trademark. In one box, Microsoft admits that the Fable trademark doesn't have a current use, but under the next box - 'Intent To Use' - Microsoft has said 'Yes'.

That could be standard practice as Microsoft does what it needs to in order to shore up its IP, a tactic it says it employed recently when securing a couple of Twitter handles, including one relating to Fable. That said, we've heard more from that particular franchise in the past week or so than in the several previous years, and with the next console generation on the horizon, this seems like it'd be a helpful series to be able to further establish the Series X's launch lineup.