Kongregate Blocks New Game Submissions, Lets Some Staff Go

By Alistair Jones on at

Kongregate, one of the biggest browser game websites, has announced that it will no longer be accepting new games. In an announcement last night, the website's staff said that a series of changes are being made in an attempt to allow the website to evolve.

Founded in 2006, the site boasts more than 120,000 games. The majority of those games run on Flash, which is being retired at the end of this year, which means the site's business model is about to take a serious hit. As a result, Kongregate "will no longer be accepting new titles." The site's library will remain playable for now, but the company's main focus will now be on game development.

The changes also include the closure of a number of the site's social features, including chat rooms and forums. A few will remain, but some will be placed in a permanent 'read-only' state.  In a statement made to Forbes, Kongregate announced that it had "made the difficult, but necessary decision to let a number of appreciated team members go today."

Among its generation of browser game sites, Kongregate is in a somewhat privileged position thanks to its ability to focus on game development. As Flash draws towards its demise, however, I imagine several of the site's contemporaries will be forced into similar decisions.