Where's Wally, But For Indie Game Characters

By Rich Stanton on at

John Inch has an excellent name for an artist, and is not the kind of man to let such coincidence go to waste. Though currently working on the upcoming INCANTAMENTUM (another excellent name) for Cloak & Dagger games, ya boy Inch found the time to create a hugely detailed diorama featuring indie game characters.

I'm not sure whether I was attracted to this for the obvious skill and talent involved, or the subterranean thrill of a fictional world where characters have a party and there's no social distancing. What a beautiful fantasy! You can see the full-size version here.

Let's see... Guacamelee, Limbo, Hotline Miami, Cuphead, Undertale, Snake Pass, Alien Hominid, Octodaddy, Minit, Fez, Braid, Thimbleweed Park, Pyre, is that Ryu on the balcony next to the Cuphead frog boss? Am I noob? How are your eyes friend?

Here's a video about the inspiration behind the picture, which vaguely reminded me of attending motivational sessions at work. Those were the days.

You can check out Cloak and Dagger's site here, which includes several free adventure games if that's your sort of thing.