The Prestige Comes to Fortnite Later This Week

By Alistair Jones on at

As Epic continues to brand Fortnite as more of a multimedia entertainment space than an actual game, Christopher Nolan appears to be cashing in. After the battle royale debuted a trailer for the acclaimed director's new film, Tenet, last month, players will soon be able to watch one of his films in its entirety, all within the game itself.

The event takes place on Friday, June 26, but exactly what film you'll be able to see depends on your location; the US is getting three showings of Inception, while the UK gets 2006's The Prestige, a magician-based thriller starring Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, and David Bowie. Elsewhere in the world, Bale shows up again, this time in Batman Begins.

All of the showings will take place in Party Royale, Fortnite's recently-added, non-violent mode. Nevertheless, I'm unsure quite how good a film - even one nominated for two Oscars - will look when part-obscured by a player's avatar. I think I might just stick with Netflix.