Pokémon Fans Aren't Thrilled About Pokémon Unite

By Alistair Jones on at

I find the concept of Pokémon Unite hilarious. Pokémon is second to perhaps only League of Legends in terms of the amount of time I've invested into a property, so to bring the two together is definitely an idea I enjoy immensely, even if I'm a little sceptical about the execution. Sadly, however, it would seem that some sections of the community are less enthusiastic than me.

Yesterday's reveal swiftly became Nintendo's most-disliked video on YouTube, currently clocking with 168,000 negative opinions. That portrayal of dissatisfaction seems to have been matched on the game's subreddit, the front page of which is currently almost entirely dedicated to complaints regarding the new game.

Those complaints range from the nature of the reveal, which some players thought was signposting a new mainline game, to the decision to create a mobile MOBA, to the involvement of Tencent in the game's creation. While I can empathise with those holding out for Gen 2 or Gen 4 remakes, I don't entirely buy into the 'Unite is spyware for the Chinese government' brand of concerns.

While it's an interestingly negative prologue to a new step for Pokémon, I'll be reserving judgement until we actually get to play. Before then, it's also worth remembering that at one point, the reveal video for Sword and Shield was the second-most disliked Nintendo video ever, but those games have gone on to sell nearly 17.5 million copies.