World Brothers is a Brighter, Blockier Earth Defense Force Game

By Mike Fahey on at

Alongside the boring, brownish Earth Defense Force 6, D3 Publisher today announced Earth Defense Force: World Brothers, a cute and colourful voxel-based shooter coming to PlayStation 4 and Switch later this year.

Developed by Yuke’s, World Brothers task players with building their own squad of Earth Defense Force heroes to defend the blocky world from blocky insects I MEAN ALIENS. It’s got weapons, characters, and creatures from the series’ 17-year history, only these are built from little cubes. Is it easier to defend the Earth when it only has six sides?

The official Japanese website for the game is live, with a fine collection of voxel-screenshots in incredibly inconvenient stacked collage form.
Who builds a website like this? Image: D3 Publisher

Inconvenient, but still pretty. After the recent drab and dreary Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain and the newly-announced EDF6, with its muddy screenshots, I couldn’t be more ready for a lighter game in one of my favourite series. EDF forever, kids.