Twitch "Will Be Taking Action" Over Sexual Misconduct Claims

By Alistair Jones on at

The CEO of Twitch says that the platform will be "looking into" reports of sexual harassment within its wider community. Emmett Shear shared the content of an email sent to employees earlier this morning.

The email begins by referencing reports of "sexual misconduct, harassment, and assault," some of which "named Twitch-affiliated individuals, including Partners, Affiliates, business partners, and others." In response, Shear says that "I want to assure you all that we are looking into all the incidents and will be taking action and cooperating with law enforcement."

Relevant action "may include banning, removing partnership, or removing people from promotional opportunities." Shear says he wants to create a "community-centred, safe and positive" experience on Twitch, and to make the platform "the safest place to create on the internet."

Since posting the email, Shear has drawn criticism for his lack of action when similar concerns have been raised previously. Former VP Justin Wong tweeted that he had attempted to raise concerns over sexual harassment to Shear in the past, but that those concerns had been ignored.