Minecraft Inducted Into Video Game Hall of Fame

By Alistair Jones on at

Minecraft is the kind of game that doesn't really need hyping up any further - tens of millions of players will do a decent amount of that for you. But that hasn't prevented it from becoming one of the most recent inductees to the World Video Game Hall of Fame.

The 2020 arrivals were announced last week by The Strong National Museum of Play in New York. To qualify, a title needs to meet four criteria; Icon Status determines the reach of a game into popular culture, while Longevity considers a title's long-term relevance, and Geographical Reach requires it to mean a lot outside its country of origin. Finally, 'Influence' tests a game's impact on wider culture.

It's fair to assume that Minecraft might score reasonably highly on all of those criteria, placing it alongside previous inductees including Pacman, Doom, The Sims, and Mortal Kombat. In selecting Minecraft, the museum praised its "endless play possibilities," describing its platform as a toy rather than a game in the traditional sense.

This year's finalists, nominated by public vote, included GoldenEye 007 and Super Smash Bros Melee, but it was Bejeweled, Centipede, and King's Quest that were this year's winners.