Microsoft Is Shutting Down Mixer, Moving Streaming to Facebook

By Zack Zwiezen on at

Microsoft has announced today that the company will be shutting down its streaming site Mixer on July 22 and will partner with Facebook Gaming moving forward.

The shutdown starts today with a transition plan laid out by Microsoft for Mixer streamers. Mixer Partners will be granted partner status with Facebook Gaming, and the platform will honour and “match all existing Partner agreements as closely as possible,” according to the blog detailing the change.

Several big-name streamers, such as Ninja and Shroud, moved from Twitch exclusively to Mixer this year. On Twitter popular streamer King Gothalion announced he would be moving to Facebook. Earlier this year, he had signed a deal to stream exclusively on Mixer. It also appears some Mixer streamers, employees, and partners weren’t given a heads up about the shutdown.

The Verge is reporting that many of these big streamers, like Ninja, will be free to return to Twitch. And according to Vivek Sharma, the head of Facebook Gaming, it will be up to each streamer and their personal priorities.

Mixer will continue to operate until July 22. At that point, all apps and sites connected to Mixer will redirect to Facebook Gaming.