Indie Dev Pulls Games From Steam Over Black Lives Matter Silence

By Alistair Jones on at

An indie developer has pulled their games from Steam in protest over Valve's silence over the current Black Lives Matter movement. In a tweet last week, Julian Glander said that he was unlikely to ever publish a game on the platform in the future.

In a statement that doubled up as his explanation to Valve Glander, who created AI art game Art Sqool, said "over the past few weeks, Steam and Valve have chosen not to address the Black Lives Matter movement, failing to make even a broad and generic statement about racial justice. It's clearer than ever that the owners of this platform feel beholden to a base of angry white male gamers. This makes me especially sad because I feel that some of these people are the people who most need to hear the messages of Black Lives Matter."

"Obviously as a company you guys can do whatever you want but I find having my games associated with the Steam platform to be embarrassing and a little nauseating. Please retire both of my games from your store ASAP." Elsewhere, Glander said that he would be focusing his efforts on indie storefront going forward.

Valve's silence in recent weeks has been noted by many. While has raised millions of dollars with its massive charity bundle, other major names like EA and Activision have placed Black Lives Matter messaging on the loading screens of their games. Others still have donated significant sums of money to relevant charities but, as Glander points out, Valve is yet to publicly acknowledge the wider conversation.