The Internet Reacts to Destiny 2's Slowly Exploding Spaceship

By Zack Zwiezen on at

Yesterday, thousands of gamers around the world met in Destiny 2 and then spent like a solid hour waiting and waiting and waiting for the game’s first big live event. Eventually, something happened.

A big ship was destroyed. It took a long time, it wasn’t very exciting until the end and a lot of people were disappointed by the whole thing.

Gif: Bungie (Kotaku)

However, it wasn’t all bad! A lot of people gathered together and had fun with emotes and posting about the event on Twitter. And because the whole thing took so long and was a bit late, it meant a lot of people on the Internet had time to react. This took the form of a lot of jokes and memes.

Before the ship was destroyed, there were a lot of jokes about waiting...

But some made the best of the situation!

After the ship was destroyed, the jokes and criticisms continued to flow like low-level engrams.

Featured image: Bungie