Sims 4 Update Introduces Burning Piss

By Luke Plunkett on at

Thanks to the abudance of mods and player-created content bogging down any given Sims 4 save, plus the game’s age, new updates can often break a bunch of stuff. Something I’ve never seen before, though, is a Sim’s excrement catching fire in a toilet bowl.

As RPS report, the game’s latest update has introduced an odd new feature for some players, where every time a Sim uses the toilet there’s... fire in it. It’s there if you pee standing up and it’s there, more dangerously, if you pee sitting down.

There’s conjecture among the community that either there’s a fire inside the toilet or that EA is using the fire effect for toilet use now and just forgot to change the colour. Whatever it is, I like it, and maybe it should stick around forever, even if it's just after you make some chilli.

Image: FelineNeko

Featured image: iBooperdooper