Wholesome Direct Will Highlight 50 Adorable Indies Next Week

By Alistair Jones on at

With no E3 to provide the backbone of this summer's major announcements, developers trying to get their games out there have had to seek out alternative marketing. That's resulted in a host of smaller showcases shedding light on individual games to swathes of upcoming indie titles. There's a lot to take in, but one that I'll be paying particular attention to is next week's Wholesome Direct.

Run by the mind behind the Wholesome Games Twitter account, which aims to highlight "cute, friendly, compassionate, cozy" games, the Direct, which takes place on May 26, hopes to "bring further attention to some of the most promising wholesome games."

There are plenty of impressive titles already available, including Spiritfarer, Skatebird, and Oobletsamong many others - more than 50 games will be featured during the direct, although it's likely that some of the bigger names will be taking centre stage.

This is far from the only showcase for indie titles this summer - we've already had a Steam Games Festival, as well as last week's Digital Dragons Indie Celebration - but this feels like the nicest version yet. A collection of games that are just nice seems pretty perfect right now.