Total War: Warhammer II's New DLC Features a Homage to Henry Cavill

By Alistair Jones on at

Later this week, Creative Assembly will be releasing some new DLC forĀ Total War: Warhammer II. Titled 'The Warden and the Paunch', the new content details a conflict between the High Elves and the Greenskins, but fans of DC Comics films and/or Netflix's The Witcher series could come across a somewhat familiar face in the form of Henry Cavill. Well, sort of.

According to PCGamesN, one of the DLC's new arrivals is a High Elf Loremaster named Cavill, who starts the game alongside the faction's leader. Perhaps it's possible that the name is just a coincidence, but it's also worth noting that one of Cavill's abilities is 'White Wolf', which grants him a bonus against large enemies, and also happens to be the moniker of one Geralt of Rivia, who Henry Cavill plays in Netflix's fantasy series.

Cavill has made his attachment to both Warhammer and the Total War series very apparent over the past few years; recently, he posted an Instagram photo of his miniature-painting hobby, and has discussed his enjoyment of the strategy series - and PC gaming in general - in the past. For the developers, all that lined up to a perfect excuse to place an homage to him into their game.