The Culling Developers Adjust Confusing New Monetisation Scheme

By Alistair Jones on at

Last week, the developers of ill-fated battle royale The Culling announced the game's not-so triumphant return. Xaviant was attempting to resurrect its thrice-fallen game with a bizarre monetisation model, but player feedback has forced the studio to adjust its plans.

Previously, players who purchased the game would only be allowed to play one free game per day, using paid tokens if they wanted to take part again. Now, according to PC Gamer, that limit has been bumped way up to ten, but director of operations notes that the announcement was an embarrassing gaffe.

"In retrospect, it was really obvious that one [free game] was not going to give us the flow of players." Van Veld reportedly says, however, that the model works, but Xaviant's messaging wasn't clear. Given that that messaging essentially read 'pay to play a game you've already purchased', I don't know quite what the developers might have hoped to change, but there we go.