Check Out the Unreal Engine 5 Demo - Built in Dreams

By Alistair Jones on at

Earlier this week, Epic unveiled Unreal Engine 5, giving us our first look at the graphical potential of the PlayStation 5. The tech demo is a visual feast, showing a female character making her way through a series of perfectly-lit ruins. But if you don't want to wait for those kind of graphics to become reality, why not just make them in Dreams?

Last night, Danish artist Martin Nebelong shared the results of two hours spent tinkering around in Dreams in an attempt to recreate a snapshot from Epic's demo. At first glance, Nebelong's effort could have been the real thing, and it's only when checking the original footage that I could pick out the (very minor) inaccuracies.

You can check out a fascinating work-in-progress of the creation in the time-lapse video above. In case you're worried about your own Dreams capabilities, it's worth noting that Nebelong does work for Media Molecule, so probably has a slight headstart. That said, I'm not convinced I'd ever be able to pull something like this off.