You Can Play A New Dance Dance Revolution in Your Browser Right Now

By Ethan Gach on at

It’s once again time to become a combo king. Overnight, Konami released an alpha version of its upcoming browser-based Dance Dance Revolution V on PC. The company just... tweeted it out.

Currently free, the demo includes 15 songs you can play on a range of difficulties, from beginner up to expert. I’m not familiar with any of the songs, but that didn’t stop my head bobbing like mad to the tuned-up beats. Here’s the full track list:

Instead of using a dance pad or controller to enter commands, you use the arrow keys on your keyboard. It’s just like being back in an early aughts arcade tourney passing the time until your turn playing Stepmania on a stranger’s laptop. And given how many of us are currently stuck at home, I can’t think of a better moment to fall back down the DDR hole.

All you need to do to start playing is make a Konami account (with the help of Google auto-translate if you don’t read Japanese) and then click on the first orange tab on the left of the game’s homepage.