The Total War Card Game is Heading West

By Alistair Jones on at

Last summer, Sega announced Total War: Elysium, a free collectible card game based loosely around Creative Assembly's acclaimed strategy franchise. Elysium launched in China first, but is now coming to Europe, first on mobiles, with a PC version to follow.

The narrative behind the game is that history's greatest generals are sitting comfortably in Elysium, home to some of Greek mythology's most notable heroes, and playing a card game to pass the time. Napoleon, for example, focuses on ranged troops, while Chinese warlord Cao Cao opts for more of a control deck.

Beyond the historical theme, Elysium does try to offer a few tweaks to the established CCG formula. The 'Daybreak' mechanic allows players to usher in reinforcements, while the battlefield moves back and forth as both sides try to gain an advantage over their opponents. For all that, however, I'm not sure how much there is to set Elysium apart in an increasingly crowded genre, especially with Riot putting an awful lot of resources into pushing Legends of Runeterra into the wild.