Totally Legit Survey Says Scots Are Better At Games Than the English

By Rich Stanton on at

Yes that's right England: you may take our lives, but you'll never take...

Every so often an email pops up from the game publisher Kwalee, which enjoys doing surveys and picking out odd bits of data. Now it's analysed 42,000 achievements from 16,000 games, and broken the results down by nation to see which nation is 'most skilled' and which is 'best' at what game. Yes obviously it's all nonsense, but you have to find your fun where you can these days.

And the headline news is that the English are a bunch of beef-stuffed noobs! Thanks to a high energy diet of cigarettes and Irn Bru, the plucky Scots come in at 8th in the overall rankings, closely followed by the Irish in 9th. England comes in at a low, low 12th position, and to rub salt in the wound that's just below Germany. Wales and Northern Ireland sadly don't make the top 20.

The Top 20 Most Skilled Gaming Countries

1. Finland
2. Canada
3. Sweden
4. New Zealand
5. Australia
6. United States of America
7. Netherlands
8. Scotland
9. Ireland
10. France
11. Germany
12. England
13. Austria
14. Denmark
15. Switzerland
16. Latvia
17. Japan
18. Estonia
19. Norway
20. Belgium

Who knew Finland was such a dark horse? The survey page also includes a neat map showing which countries excel in which games. Here you can find out that Hong Kongers are the kings of Candy Crush, while the Aussies dominate Overwatch.

It's interesting how this data is displayed geographically: I don't think there's any particular method to where the icons are placed in a particular country, but if there is then the world nexus for Rock Band is halfway between Swindon and Salisbury. Leamington Spa is apparently where the world's greatest Mario Kart players reside which, given Kwalee is based in Leamington Spa, raises an eyebrow or two. Meanwhile in Scotland the Cairngorns National Park is some sort of school for excellence in DiRT, and over the water in Omagh they just play Skyrim all the time.

Anyway: better luck next time, Sassenachs!