Death Stranding-Style Deliveries are Now a Reality

By Alistair Jones on at

I don't know about you, but I found the improbably-high stacks of deliveries one of the funniest things in Death Stranding. Watching as Sam Porter Bridges trudged across the landscape with a towering skyscraper of boxes strapped to his back tickles me every time I see it - but that image is no longer simply the stuff of Kojima's imagination.

China's ULS Robotics is a company that specialises in exoskelton-style suits designed to aid manual workers in their jobs. The company claims its upper limb suits provide an extra 10kg of lift across workers' shoulders, while suits focused around users' waists provide an extra 20kg of lift while reducing the burden on workers by more than 50 per cent. Now, it's trialling a delivery suit - and it's surprisingly familiar.

As spotted across social media in recent days, the new suit provides support up the legs and around the waist, and the result is that couriers carrying out jobs on foot can stack a veritable tower of boxes on their backs without doing themselves a mischief. It doesn't quite reach as high as some of Sam Bridges' more ridiculous offerings, and the terrain might not be quite as apocalyptic, but it's still surprisingly familiar for fans of Kojima's latest.